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Strip Poker Tournament in London

Play Strip Poker on the Festival of Poker in London!

It was held in September 2010 at the London Festival of Poker two tournaments exclusively dedicated to the variant of Strip Poker, one was organized by Paddy Power, and the other at the club "Stringfellows" with the name "Baller Strip Poker" organized by Michael Caselli director of "Lyceum Media." In both tournaments the profits reverted in favor of charities, we can say that in this case "The clothes were taken off for a good cause."

Strip Poker Tournament in London

"Baller Strip Poker Championship"


The championship "Baller Strip Poker" was a bit different from the concept that we are used of strip poker, because in this tournament the players are not taking off their clothes but their "strippers", it is true each player has a "stripper" only for itself!

The rules of this tournament are very simple, the "Baller Strip Poker" is a modified version of "Texas Holdem Limit," in which there is a forced bet with just a "blind" and players can only give "call" to this "blind", each bet will be the equivalent of a piece of clothe from its "Stripper", each "stripper" has five pieces of clothing. If you lose your "stripper" takes off her clothes by dancing in front of the winner of the hand, but if you win is to you that the "stripper" of the opponent takes off her clothes."

The 1st edition of the tournament had a large membership, including the participation of the professional player sponsored by Full Tilt Poker Jeff Madsen, the tournament was crazy with bras and thongs flying everywhere!


Video I - Baller Strip Poker Championship


"Paddy Power Strip Poker Championship"


The Paddy Power Strip Poker Championship was also held in the same month in London, and contrary to what was expected there was a large influx of female players, many players even!!

The tournament had a total of 195 participants from 12 countries although we do not know for sure what was the ratio of men / women, the tournament winner John Young took home £ 10,000 and was also donated £ 10,000 to a charity. The last woman to stay in game was Laura Barnett from Stirling, Scotland.

The rules were pretty simple in this tournament, each player was given 5 pieces of clothing, and when they lose their chips they used their clothes to buy more.


Video II - "Paddy Power Strip Poker Championship"

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